A short, yet meaningful strength routine for more athletic and resilient legs.

In strength and fitness, the axiom holds true – use it or lose it. Too many adults are held back in the activities they love by the ability or health of their legs. With our science-based routine, you can improve running, cycling, and jumping and may improve several leg ailments, such as knee cap pain and hamstring strains, with 2, 30-minute sessions per week. 

The Routine is Simple, yet Powerful

Flywheel Leg Press

In research studies, the flywheel leg press has improved running speed, jumping, and jumper’s knee.

Flywheel Leg Curl

In research studies, the flywheel leg curl has improved running speed and reduced the incidence of hamstring injuries.

Flywheel Leg Extension

In research studies, the flywheel leg extension has improved quadriceps strength and function after knee injury.

How It Works

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